Australian Lotteries

Purchasing Lotto Tickets Online

Lotteries present among the globe’s most ancient kind of gambling. Nowadays, there are many lottery operators in Australia who are licensed at territory levels. They can either be privately owned or government owned companies.

Jackpots and prizes can go up to a million dollars and more. It is no longer necessary for patrons to buy tickets at convenience stores, news agencies or fuelling stations.

Australian Lottery Games

The Lotto

Tatts Group Limited owns the Lotto, which is split into two sub-categories; Monday & Wednesday Lotto as well as Saturday Lotto or Tattslotto. These two are lottery games that are countrywide based. They are syndicated to each Australian territory and state.

Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto is a countrywide lottery game that is also run by Tatts Group Limited. Playing of Oz Lotto occurs at night on Tuesdays all through all territories and states in Australia. Presently, Oz Lotto holds the hugest lotto win record. In November 2012, four winners divided a Division 1 pool of $111,972,151.04.


Founded on Powerball that is an American game with similar term, Australia Powerball lottery is also managed by Tatts Group Limited that is syndicated all through the state. Its drawings occur each week on Thursday nights.

Super 66 & Lotto Strike

The countrywide lottery called Super 66 presents a lottery that is played in each of the states apart from New South Wales. Here, instead, a similar game is played by NSW that is the same, named Lotto Strike.

These are lotteries that are seen as ‘add-on’ games where players purchase tickets in collaboration which different lottery tickets such as Monday, Wednesday or Saturday Lotto.

Drawings for Super 66 occur shortly prior to the main lotto draw of Saturday night while drawings for Lotto Strike occur on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, shortly prior to the draws of the big lotto, while drawings for Lotto Strike occur on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, prior to the huge lotto draws.

Lucky Lotteries

New South Wales Lotteries manage these games; these games are founded on conventional draw lotteries or raffles. Here, a fixed number of tickets are provided for selling in every draw (normally 225,000).

The players either select ticket numbers that are random or successive. After the sale of all tickets, the raffle occurs and a group of tickets that are numbered are drawn using random number generator. Every lottery consists of a jackpot that develops until there is a winner. You are able to play tickets of $2 or $5.

Soccer Pools in Australia

Founded on European, Australian and other soccer matches throughout the globe, drawing of Soccer pools occur each Saturday. The numbers 1-38 are found in 38 matches. Where a regular game is concerned, six numbers are chosen from 1-38.

To establish the winning digits, there are comparisons for many matches and the leading six games’ numbers are compiled depending on the ranking regulations. Draws rank top and after this, away wins then home wins.

Withdrawal and Deposit Options in Australia

You have a guarantee that monetary transactions for online buying of Aussie lotto tickets as well as withdrawing any amount of winnings is 100% secure, when you use sites like Oz Lotteries that are monitored by the government. All Oz Lotteries adhere to regular online safety measures and permits deposit methods like Visa, MasterCard debit and credit cards and BPAY.

Payment of winnings is carried out according to fixed dates following the draw’s finalization and after this, it is transferred to your account. The funds are instantly available to be withdrawn, or carry out extra purchases. Use a cheque for a withdrawal or through depositing directly to your bank account.

Playing Lotto Games on Tablets and Mobiles offers total compatibility with tablets and smartphones like iPads, iPhones, Android Samsungs, Sonys, HTC, Blackberries and Windows phones together with other ancient data-enabled tools like the ones utilizing the technology of WAP.

The website works in the same way as with desktop computers. Examine each of the newest outcomes of lottery games, maneuver effortlessly to buy tickets of all kinds of games and use secure and safe AUD currency banking. The transactions have protection of technology of 128-bit SSL encryption.

Clients obtain an email verification for each transaction of Oz Lotteries they have carried out and you are able to see all bought tickets inside your account on your tablet device or mobile. In case of any queries you can get in touch with Oz Lotteries.


When engaging in lotto games as part of a syndicate or individually, advantages and disadvantages are always present. It is therefore important to be aware of the merits and demerits prior to making a decision on the way you want to play.

Combining your cash with other fans of lotto raises your winning odds. For instance, you are purchasing 1000 tickets collectively, rather than 10 or five for yourself.

So, you are able to cover more numbers combinations and increase the huge winning odds compared to using a single ticket and playing alone. Because you will be playing in a huge group, it is possible you will make some wins.

How Lotto Strategies Operate

The very idea of lotto strategies might not seem serious at first as games like these are established by draws done randomly. It is more likely for lucky combinations or lucky numbers to win, compared to others. This concept might not seem logical, but there are small important details that can impact your odds of winning in lotteries.

Australian Soccer Pools offers lotto where being precisely aware of how ranking of matches is done can help you when choosing your numbers. Lottery systems like System 8s as well as other entries which deal with each combination of the digits you have selected increases the odds of being a winner of more prizes when you play a huger variety of combinations.

If numbers like these are drawn, there are high chances that you shall win. But, in the event that you miss those digits, you have raised your prospects of getting less wins or none.