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When the lotto jackpot goes up to $1 Billion, it is only natural to expect that the news will spread all over the world. Before the lottery advanced to the Internet, it was not possible to imagine such a big jackpot. But, the advancement of online lottery did not just present the idea of lottery syndicates, which raised the jackpot pools greatly, but also availed a chance for lottery fans all over the world to have fun with lotteries outside their country. This is possible through lottery concierge services.

Play USA Lotteries Online From Australia

Description of Lottery Concierge Services

The launch of lottery concierge services was to provide service to Internet lottery fans that wish to spread their play outside where they reside.

In essence therefore, lottery concierge services get a tangible lottery ticket for the particular state preferred by the non-resident and retains this ticket for them.

Before the development of this industry, in Australia, the only method for a lottery fan to have a chance of playing the famous Mega Millions in US was to travel to the USA.

They would then need to buy a lotto ticket, wait for the draw and see if they won and if they did, they would have to wait a few more months in the USA in order to collect winnings.

Some leading Online Lottery Operators who avail this service have a different procedure for handling the concierge sector.

Any qualified operator who alleges to offer a lottery concierge service shall get a ticket on behalf of the online player.

The variation is based on their charges and the method they use to handle the ticket after it is obtained.

Comparing Handling Fees and Commission

There are two overall schemes involved in lottery concierge service:

  1. Getting the ticket on the online player’s behalf but retaining the ticket, examining the outcomes then presenting winnings to players who managed to hit the jackpot after playing a ticket.
  1. Acquiring the ticket on the online player’s behalf, scanning it and uploading it to the account of the player, where they can view the outcomes then claim their winnings.